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Capitol Update for Thursday, March 14

Tom Trowbridge, New Mexico News Network
Santa Fe, 2019-03-13
  INTRO:   This week, the New Mexico House of Representatives approved a bill to alter how the state of New Mexico gets its electricity.   Tom Trowbridge reports from the Roundhouse:                     Runs 1:29                    Q: Std - ((Script)):   The many supporters of Senate Bill 489, the Energy Transition Act, describe the legislation as an historic and transformative measure to reduce electricity costs, diversify the economy, invest in local communities and protect the environment.   Las Cruces Democratic Representative Nathan Small carried the broadly-sponsored legislation to the House floor:             Small  :29   After lengthy debate, the House approved the measure on a 43-to-22-vote. Republican State Representative James Strickler of Farmington was among those voting against:                     Strickler  :06   The jobs Representative Strickler refers to there are those at the San Juan Generating Station. Under the Energy Transition Act, the coal-fired power plant and the adjacent mine will be closed three years from now. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham supports the bill. For the New Mexico News Network, I’m Tom Trowbridge