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Capitol Update for Friday, February 8

Tom Trowbridge, New Mexico News Network
Santa Fe, 02-07-19

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas addressed a joint session of state lawmakers. Balderas, a newly-re-elected Democrat, spoke of legislation that will protect New Mexico children, among other topics.
Tom Trowbridge has details from the Roundhouse:
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New Mexico’s “Top-Cop,” Attorney General Hector Balderas used his time before all state lawmakers this week to promote bills that seek to close loopholes in state law that he says would better protect New Mexico’s youth:
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That legislation, says Balderas, would close the legal loophole he described as a quote: “ugly blind spot” in New Mexico state law.
Representative Martinez’s House bill 488 is currently awaiting a hearing before the House Health and Human Services Committee.
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