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Capitol Update for Tuesday, February 12

Tom Trowbridge, New Mexico News Network
Santa Fe, 02-11-19

House Joint Resolution One seeks to provide an additional one-percent annual distribution from the Land Grant Permanent Fund. That money would then go towards early childhood education programs.
Tom Trowbridge has more from the Roundhouse:
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Under the parameters of House Joint Resolution One, the money from that extra one-percent of the Land Grant Permanent Fund would be earmarked for early childhood educational services. The amendment defines “early childhood educational services” as nonsectarian and nondenominational services for children until they are eligible for kindergarten.
One of the chief sponsors of HJR One is Albuquerque Democratic Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas:
          Moe            :43
The proposed amendment passed the House Commerce & Economic Development Committee and is currently awaiting action on the House Floor.
If approved there, the next stop is the State Senate. Then it would go to the voters in the 2020 general election.
For the New Mexico News Network; I’m Tom Trowbridge