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Capitol Update for Wednesday, March 13

Tom Trowbridge, New Mexico News Network
Santa Fe, 2019-03-12

In this era of hyper-partisanship in politics, there are many bills that are often overlooked that have widespread support from both Democrats and Republicans.
Tom Trowbridge reports on one of the latest examples from the Roundhouse.
Senate Bill 462 would appropriate one-and-a-half million dollars to establish the outdoor recreation division. Aztec Republican Senator Steve Neville is one of several sponsors of the proposal:
          Neville-Outdoor Rec
Senator Neville’s  Albuquerque Republican colleague, Senator Bill Payne says if it is done right, the outdoor rec division t could be one of the most important within the Economic Development Department. Payne, the GOP Senate Minority whip calls it “a real money generator.”
Senate Bill 462 passed the Senate this week without opposition; It’s next stop is the State House.