Capitol Updates

Thursday`s Capitol Report

Tom Trowbridge, NMNN
Santa Fe, Jan 17, 2018
The 2018 30-day New Mexico Legislative session began in earnest Tuesday afternoon with Governor Susana Martinezís annual State of the State address to both Legislative chambers.

Tom Trowbridge reports:
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Wednesday`s Capitol Report

Tom Trowbridge, NMNN
Santa Fe, Jan 16, 2018

As a Roundhouse full of dignitaries, lawmakers present and past and hordes of lobbyists and the public awaited Governor Martinezís State of the State Address Tuesday to officially launch the 2018 short Legislative sessionÖmany were expecting a common theme from the Governor: addressing crime in New Mexico.

Capitol Report Begins Tomorrow

Tom Trowbridge, NMNN
Santa Fe, Jan 15, 2018

The New Mexico Legislative session that convenes at noon on Tuesday has a limited agenda: budgetary and previously vetoed items, and those the Governor will put on her “call” for lawmakers to adopt over the next 30 days.

Friday`s Capitol Report

Tom Trowbridge, New Mexico News Network
Santa Fe, Mar 16, 2017
Itís "crunch time" at the New Mexico State Capitol as the 60-day, 2017 regular session approaches adjournment Saturday at noon. Tom Trowbridge reports on two education bills with momentum and moreÖ

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